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Regulatory Bodies and Quality Assurance

MHRA - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

FDA - Food and Drug Administration - Bioanalytical Method Guidelines available

BARQA - British Association of research Quality Assurance

SAG - Scientific Archivists Group

EMA - The European Medicines Agency


Professional Associations

RSC - The Royal Society of Chemistry

BMSS - British Mass Spectrometry Society

ASMS - American Society for Mass Spectrometry

ChromSoc - The Chromatographic Society

DMDG - Drug Metabolism Discussion Group

EBF- The European Bioanalysis Forum


Instrument Manufacturers

Waters - Suppliers of Micromass mass spectrometers and LCequipment

Applied Biosystems - Suppliers of MDS SCIEXTM LC-MS systems

Agilent - Suppliers of HPLCs, GCs and mass spectrometers


Information Technology

NuGenesis - Supplier of 21CFR Part 11 compliant archival and data management systems

21CFR Part 11 - Electronic records information