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20/Nov/2018 ABS Laboratories representatives are attending the EBF meeting in Barcelona this week.

17/Sep/2018 ABS Laboratories are excited to deliver a talk regarding analytical method development at an LTG meeting later on this month.

25/Jul/2018 ABS Laboratories have posted a Vacancy on their website.

03/Jul/2018 ABS Laboratories staff will be tutoring at the DMDG ‘Methods for Bioanalysis and Metabolism’ at Loughborough this June.

14/Jun/2018 ABS Laboratories are delighted to announce their recent acquisition by ACM Global.

02/Jan/2018 ABS Laboratories welcomes the year 2018 fully staffed and wishes a successful year to all current and prospective sponsors. 

07/Sep/2017 ABS Laboratories would like to say welcome to the new staff and farewell to our placement students going back to university next week.

27/Apr/2017 ABS Laboratories have posted three new Vacancies on their website.

22/Mar/2017 ABS Laboratories have expanded their Facilities by acquiring a new SCIEX QTRAP 6500 instrument.

21/Apr/2016 ABS Laboratories will be presenting at the Global Forum for Nicotine –GFN 2016 in Warsaw Poland (17-18th of June), if attending please come along and say hello!

12/Feb/2016 This March ABS Laboratories will be attending the BioWales meeting on the 1st and 2nd and will have representatives attending the EBF closed meeting on the 15th and 17th.

05/Oct/2015 ABS Laboratories would like to thank VWR for organising its informative chromatography day at Imperial College London on the 30th of September.

07/Sep/2015 ABS Laboratories is pleased to welcome its 2015-2016 undergraduate placement student.

02/Sep/2015 ABS Laboratories is currently hiring to fill an apprenticeship position with the industry degree scheme. The successful candidate will receive on job training towards earning a degree in mass spectrometry. Please see Cogent Skills for details.

02/Sep/2015 ABS Laboratories have a representative attending the MHRA’s ‘Good laboratory practice and clinical laboratory symposium’ in Birmingham 30th September 2015

22/Jun/2015 ABS Laboratories is pleased to announce it has had an abstract accepted for presentation at the September’s  Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’ (SRNT) conference in Maastricht the Netherlands. 

22/Jun/2015 ABS will have representatives attending the 35th meeting of the ‘London Biological Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group’ on the 9th of July in London.

19/Jun/2015 Representatives from ABS will be attending the BioWednesday, ‘Future Directions in Oncology’ meeting on the 8th of July at the London BioScience Innovation Centre.

11/Jun/2015 ABS is please to announce the journal 'Addiction' has published a manuscript supported by its work "Recent trends in children's exposure to second-hand smoke in England: cotinine evidence from the Health Survey for England"

31/Mar/2015 Representatives from ABS will be attending the first Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry in Business 2015 meeting on the 11th of May at the Royal College of Physicians, London.

31/Mar/2015 ABS will have representatives attending the UK Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Conference (UKNSCC) 11-12th June at the Deansgate Hilton Manchester. Please come along and say hello to hear about our extensive range of sensitive and specific smoking related bioanalytical services.

20/Feb/2015 ABS Laboratories are pleased to welcome CNBio innovations to the BioPark facility in Welwyn Garden City.

05/Feb/2015 ABS Laboratories would like to thank Waters and Ferring Pharmaceuticals for organising the excellent Peptide Bioanalysis Forum in Copenhagen this February which was attended by an ABS technical representative. 

26/Jan/2015 ABS Laboratories was pleased to support the Scottish Health Survey 2013 which has recently been published.

05/Dec/2014 ABS Laboratories will be in the ‘source lounge’ at Genesis 2014 held at QEII Conference Center, Westminster, London. Please come along and say hello to our team.

03/Oct/2014 ABS continues to work with lead academics researching smoking cessation. Results from ABS’s Nicotine laboratory have just been published.

30/Sep/2014 After their routine MHRA inspection in July 2014 ABS Laboratories are pleased to announce that the UK GLP Monitoring Authority is satisfied that it continues to operate in compliance with the QECD Principles of GLP and the EU Clinical Trials Directive (GCP)

15/Sep/2014 This autumn BBC Two’s ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor series will feature data generated at ABS Laboratories.

29/Aug/2014 ABS Laboratories is pleased to support ‘The Bioanalysis Glossary’ produced by future science out soon

18/Jun/2014 ABS Laboratories maintains its commitment in providing student training placements accepting two candidates for the year 2014-2015.

16/Jun/2014 ABS Laboratories staff will be tutoring at the DMDG ‘Methods for Bioanalysis and Metabolism’ at Loughborough this June.

16/Jun/2014 ABS Laboratories will have a representative at the European Bioanalytical Forum meeting this June on tiered validation.