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Qualitative Analytical Investigations

ABS Laboratories have considerable experience in conducting studies to elucidate the structures of drug metabolites, synthetic impurities from chemical syntheses and components in natural products, e.g. cannabinoids from raw botanical materials.

Utilising LC-MS/MS with atmospheric pressure ionisation and electrospray ionisation, tentative chemical structures of metabolites and breakdown products are assigned.

Services offered include:

  • LC-MS-MS analysis of impurities from pharmaceutical raw materials.
  • LC-MS-MS analysis of degradants from pharmaceutical stability tests.
  • Metabolite profiling.

Additional confirmatory work can be arranged by ABS in conjunction with facilities offering 1H-NMR, which will provide the additional structural information necessary to give definitive molecular assignments.

For any queries on the scope of the services provided please contact the business development team through the Quick Quotation link.