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Therapeutic Drug and Health Monitoring

Therapeutic drug and health monitoring for a long period has been a key area of expertise for ABS Laboratories. It maintains close ties with the medical and scientific staff within the NHS and related sectors supporting nicotine and cotinine analysis in support of smoking cessation, passive smoking and epidemiological studies.

While advances have occurred in the pharmacological management of some illnesses over recent decades, high rates of poor patient compliance when taking their medication has meant that the practical application of some treatments is highly problematical. Undertaking therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) helps minimise this phenomena and can make for safer and more effective therapies.

Utilising LC-MS/MS and high throughput generic sample extraction methods, ABS Laboratories continues to support TDM studies. Our experienced staff have the knowledge to deal with queries from general practitioners and prescribing physicians.

Its long standing legacy of supporting paediatric medicine is that it has developed robust and sensitive assays to deal with the small and often unique samples generated from these studies.

Services offered include:

  • Highly sensitive and specific assays.
  • High throughput analysis with next day turnaround of data.
  • Telephone support for sample enquiry.
  • Partnerships with other laboratories to provide drug level and histopathalogical measurements.
  • Reporting and trend analysis of study data.

For any queries on the scope of the services provided please contact the business development team through the Quick Quotation link.